Facebook beats Twitter to most ‘marketing friendly’ social media site crown, says DMA

Facebook: the social networking service's headquarters at Menlo Park in California

Facebook has beaten Twitter to the title of the most “marketing friendly” social platform, according to a poll of social media marketers carried out by the Direct Marketing Association.

The DMA’s inaugural ‘social media scorecard’ asked 171 UK-based marketers to rate the social media platforms in the areas of campaign planning, execution and post-campaign analysis, with Facebook coming top in all three categories.

Overall, LinkedIn came second, Twitter was third, and YouTube and Google+ were fourth and fifth respectively.

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Can Google live up to its last results?

Google looks set to continue its domination of the search engine market, but how well is it handling the migration onto mobile devices?

Google's logo

Google, like many technology firms, has been faced with internet users shifting from desktop and laptop terminals to mobile devices and smartphones. At the moment the company still comfortably holds the largest share of search engine users and, as only a handful of companies before it, enjoys the status of its name now being a verb. This dominance is even more exaggerated in the mobile sphere where it holds around 90% of the market share.

The technology giant’s other anticipated area of improving revenue is the company’s YouTube holding, as the continuous and growing popularity of the video-sharing platform offers a stable stream of improving advertisement revenue.

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15 delicious examples of card-based web design

The rise of the smartphone has ushered in a new way of thinking among web designers and developers, who need to create websites that work on smaller screens.

The constraints of smaller screens have actually helped the web to become that little bit more modular, with responsive design now one of the foremost web design trends: pages can be broken up into their constituent parts, and reordered on the fly, depending on browser or screen sizes. Content spread over three or four columns can be repositioned into just one. 

This has refocused attention on ‘cards’, as a design pattern for displaying information in bite-sized chunks. Cards are ideal for the TL;DR generation, perfect for mobile devices and responsive design, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the months and years ahead. The format may not be new, but it’s on the rise.

What is a card, exactly? Well, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but commonly cards will include information such as a title, a user name, a picture, and various icons. Sometimes there might be a brief amount of text, for example a product description. In a sense, they are miniature, condensed web pages.  


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How Google Plus Can Aid Your SEO Campaigns

Google Plus is growing stronger by the minute, with an average of eight hundred thousand users signing up for an account every month. Despite its obvious benefits to brand’s social media strategies, many are still yet to embrace the opportunities provided by the platform. Not only are they missing out on the chance to target a wider audience and build up a loyal following, but also improving their websites SEO. In this article we will explain how Google Plus can aid your SEO campaigns. Using Google Plus can benefit your websites SEO in many ways. 

Google Plus for SEO Campaigns

Presenting yourself as an expert – Using Google Plus can benefit your websites SEO in many ways.

In order to improve a websites search engine optimisation we are told to publish interesting, unique and relevant content on a regular basis. Providing users with interesting, informative and educational content is a great way to present yourself as an expert in your industry. The same goes for the content you publish on Google Plus page. Google is keen to rank authoritative content higher in search results, so if you show yourself as an expert, this may potentially lead to higher search engine rankings.


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10 things we learnt from our digital marketing trends live chat

Six marketing gurus debated the future of digital marketing – here are the 10 key lessons we learned.

mobile phone users

We invited six marketing gurus to debate the future of digital marketing, with us and the Media Network community. Here we highlight the key lessons and consensuses from the full live chat, which you can read here.

1. Make sure you’re getting the basics right

Simon Birkenhead of Telefónica Digital says he’s seen plenty of brands and agencies get hugely distracted by the desire to be seen as innovative when they aren’t even doing the basics right. “There’s always ‘the next big thing’ and they forget to do the ‘here and now’.

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Top Web Design Trends In 2014

This week, we have taken it upon ourselves to outline and explain the most important trends in web design for 2014. The consensus among website design pros, regarding industry trends for 2014, is fairly cut and dry and most agree the significant styles for the year will likely fall under the headings of responsive design, simple design and storytelling design.

1)      Responsive Design: the most critical for small business. Why? Because it is quickly becoming the standard, and if you don’t comply, it will negatively affect your Google GOOG +0.2% ranking. Responsive design means a set website is a thing of the past. Instead, we must not feel like all elements that fit on a desktop must be present on the screen of a smartphone. That’s where the design comes in, finding a pro who knows what will work best on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop-size screen, and including the elements that make for the most seamless and enjoyable format.

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Twitter launches new website design

Twitter is launching a redesigned website which mimics elements of its iOS and Android mobile apps.

Twitter announced today that it was launching a refreshed version of its website which “reflects the look and feel” of its mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The main change is a white navigation bar at the top of the site where users can flick from their home page to mentions, discover and profile pages. This bar also includes a search box and a link to the settings and direct message pages.

Users have also been given the option to add an accent colour to their profile page, which is available as an option on their settings page.

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