The 10 Biggest Social Media Time Wasters

I started some research on some of the ways people waste time on social media and came across a bunch of articles from the late 2000s discussing whether or not social was a big waste of time for businesses. It’s funny to look back on that time period now; social media was still a question rather than a statement.

There’s no question now that social media marketing is worthwhile for businesses. And since it’s relatively inexpensive to get started, it’s a perfect tool for small businesses and startups.

But just because social media is a way of life now, doesn’t mean you (or your employees) can’t waste time on it. In fact, there are more ways now than ever before that people lose time and productivity to social media time sucks which eat away at profits.

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‘Senior marketers expecting digital to make up 75% of budgets in next five years’

Marketing is changing at an ‘unprecedented rate’, with more than a third of senior marketing executives expecting digital to account for 75 per cent of their budgets within the next five years, according to a study.

The Accenture report, based on a survey of more than 580 senior marketers globally, found that 78 per cent believe marketing will “undergo fundamental changes” over the next five years, with analytics, digital and mobile highlighted as the key drivers of this change.

More than a -third (37 per cent) of marketers believe digital will account for 75 per cent of their marketing budgets by 2019, while 35 per cent of those questioned think mobile will account for more than 50 per cent.


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Over half of seven to 11-year-olds use social media sites: Primary school pupils finding way round filters that are suppose to stop under-13s using them

  • Children under 13 are getting around age restrictions on social media
  • Among 14 to 16-year-olds, usage of social networks has risen to 92 per cent
  • One in ten aged 8-14 who read messages or texts fail to reach reading levels


More than half of primary school pupils aged seven to 11 have profiles on social networking sites – despite rules meant to stop them.
A study of nearly 30,000 children found that 56 per cent of under-11s use sites such as Facebook and Bebo – up from less than half two years ago.
The report said that young people ‘were clearly finding their way around restrictions’ which supposedly prevent those younger than 13 having a profile.

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5 tips for effective charity digital marketing

When designing your charity’s digital marketing strategy, it’s important to think outside the box.

Here are 5 common sense approaches to your charity’s digital marketing strategy to help you stand out from the rest.

  • Be simple. Pick one insight, such as a significant statistic, and build your campaign from there.
  • Be brave. When brainstorming, don’t throw out any campaign ideas that seem too extreme.
  • Be human. Connect with the public on a human level. Inject personality into your social media posts.
  • Be about solutions. Ensure your digital marketing campaign is working towards something.
  • Be curious. Keep asking questions to your team, your donors, and your board.

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Is Social Media Making Us Unhappy?

The tech boom has revolutionised how we live our lives in countless ways, one of which being that we’re constantly plugged in to the internet and able to communicate with each other. However whilst this state of “hyperconnectivity” gives us access to more information and people than ever before, is being constantly contactable making us happy?

Where are we at?

Whether during work or leisure time, businesses have facilitated and increased a need to be always connected. At the office, Blackberry enabled a move from merely the instant delivery of e-mails to instant response (almost) regardless of location, and outside the workplace social media is doing the same. A recent rise in push notifications – alongside the resulting “read” status of conversations that provide social pressure on us to respond – exacerbate our innate desires to belong, be involved and to contribute. All this means that we’re constantly interacting with people and the content they produce online 24/7.

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3 Tips for Digital Marketing on a Budget

3 Tips for Digital Marketing on a Budget

You’ve probably heard by now about the triumvirate of 21st century digital marketing: content, social media, and search-engine optimization (SEO).  But if your low marketing budget prevents you from hiring a specialist to design a unique strategy for you, and you hesitate to shell out on Google AdWords and Facebook ads, here are a few tips that will dramatically improve the three key elements of your digital reach without breaking the bank.

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Forgotten social media before Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

The social media sites we were using before leading platforms took over may be gone, but they will never be forgotten.

Social media has been a global phenomenon for years, and for most of us it has become a vital way in which we communicate from day to day, catch up on the latest goings so we feel constantly in the ‘now’, and even elevate businesses into new heights.

Since most social platforms are now optimised for mobile and electronic devices, we constantly have access to our friends, family members and a lot of people we don’t really personally know, but might be interested in their perspective on certain topics or just out of mutual human interest.

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